Stem Cell Knee Surgery Recovery

The procedure is performed by numbing the hip. A specialized needle is used to take a sample of the patient's bone marrow. The sample is spun in a laboratory for 10 to 15 minutes to collect concentrated stem cells. The sample is examined for detail images to determine which stem cells should be transplanted into the affected joint. If stem cells are found to be helpful, the doctor will perform the procedure.


The procedure requires numbing the area. A special x-ray is used to guide the injection. The procedure typically lasts no longer than an hour, and the patient may return home the same day. The treatment is not painful and requires no special medications. Depending on the extent of damage, patients may return home the same day. Following the procedure, patients will need to undergo a few weeks of physical therapy to prevent further injury.


After a successful stem cell knee surgery, the patient will experience a longer than normal recovery time. This is due to the fact that the healing process is more rapid with these platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections than with stem cell injections. This is because the platelet-rich plasma contained in the patient's blood contains growth factors that can help the body heal itself faster. While the recovery time is long, patients can expect to see better results than with other techniques.


After the stem cell injection, patients should avoid strenuous activities for two weeks. During this time, they should avoid using NSAID medications, as they will inhibit the growth of new stem cells in the knee. The procedure requires little downtime and may even be done in the patient's home on the same day. They will have no pain medication or other post-surgery recovery period. However, NSAIDs should not be taken for several days after the procedure.


Stem cell injections are performed on patients with severe osteoarthritis in the inner portion of the knee and are often done on the same side. As the shin and thigh bones are no longer held in natural alignment, the ligaments between the thigh bone and shinbone are pressing against each other. Because of the instability, the stem cell injections will attempt to reach the bone on bone area. The patient can return to work or play two to four weeks after the procedure. You can click here for more info.


During the stem cell treatment, the patient will experience minimal pain. The radiofrequency procedure will also stimulate the growth of the stem cells and will speed up the recovery process. It is important to follow all of the instructions carefully after the procedure. The patient should also be well-hydrated before the procedure. Afterwards, the patient should avoid any strenuous activities, as the stem cell treatments will make it easier to get back to daily activities. If you want to know more about this topic, then click here:



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